Accreditations Certifications
  • Commercial 200T
  • Master Rating
  • STCW Certified
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Personal Survival
  • Techniques
  • Fire Prevention and Fire
  • Fighting
  • Personal Safety and
  • Social Responsibilities
With more than 17 years in the yachting industry, he captains journeys and excursions with the utmost safety and care.

Meet your

Born and raised in and around the Exumas and New Providence, Captain Marvis Rahming is not only native but one of the most experienced captains in the Maritime Industry. With an interest in the open seas since being able to walk and put his feet in the water, he decided to develop his skills and interests around the ocean and help others explore the community around him.

By the time he graduated from CR Walker Secondary School in 2000, Marvis had attained a wealth of knowledge that only some captains ever obtain. He then enlisted in the Gradites Maritime and Navigational Institution to further his advanced navigational training. Captain Marvis joined our program in 2017 after a vast sea and navigational course load. 

Since then, the O’Legasea Charter program has grown into one of the most sought-after vacations due to the combined experience of the crew, benefitted by his guidance and vast knowledge of the region and attractions.

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